Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dance With Me

I went out last night with my new roommate. I really had such an awesome time. Got way more shit-faced than, honestly, necessary. I have such a thing for the club. I love the excercise and the music. I love having it so loud I can feel it.

I am confused about the men though. The ones that stand around and just watch. I feel sort of like I'm at a meat market and I'm on show. Oh... "look at the breasts over there," "no wait look at those thighs," and "what about the hips"... I don't mind watching a hot guys eyes travel down my curvy body, seeing his lips curve into a smirk as he traces the lines. Its totally exhilirating feeling that hot.

Then there is the random guy that thinks your dancing is just too fucking tempting, I mean... otherwise how the fuck could anyone think its appropraite to rub their cock up against your ass just because you are shaking it, without asking?? I know it takes balls to ask a girl to dance, but I assure you once you feel my ass grinding against you, you'll be so fucking happy you did. On the other hand, if I'm dancing and suddenly feel something behind me, I'm going to move. I think the least you can do... is ask. Don't you?

But I was getting near the end of my limit. It had been 3 Patron shots and 4 rum & cokes. I was finally feeling the buzz. The music was crashing into my body in waves and I was doing my best to keep my hips in line with the music. I felt like everything in the club was being taken over by a cloud. The dusty fuzz covering the bar and the bar tender, the dancers, the poles and the mirrors, my companions and their drinks. And all I could do was dance and dream...

... It took me back. I closed my eyes and I was somewhere else. The music was just as loud, the room was just as hot... but he was behind me. I felt his finger tips slide down my sides as I raised my arms dancing to chant of the music. Felt his hands cruve as he neared my breasts... and felt his breath grow closer to my neck the more he wished to have his mouth on me. I felt the rock of his hips echo mine in the steady rush of the beat. This was where I wanted to be. With him... you.... right behind me.

I loved watching him when I needed a break. I stepped back and sat up on the wall. It had been four hours of steady dancing and my thighs were throbbing. The music was so compelling I wanted to be moving again. I sat there a moment trying to stable myself and catch my breath. Dancing with someone I refuse to miss a beat... I want him to feel every pulse that runs through my body and into his. Within a few moments I was back on my feet. I watched him step out of the way of passing dancers, this is so rare, I thought. He is so rare. I thought to myself about what a gentleman he must be and I loved it. I wanted to be back pressed against him, feeling his hands on me again... but I would never ask... NEVER.

I let the music take me back and I got lost once again in rhythm dancing on the wall. I got near the edge where he was and he touched me... his eyes peered up at me and I knew he wanted what I wanted. He wanted me back pressed against him too. I went back down to the dance floor and it felt incredible. I felt his hands on my hips and I shouted back at him... "my pants won't stay up, you'll have my bare ass on you soon" ... he shouted back, "then you know what I go through, I'll keep them up for you". We intertwined fingers and caressed my hips together and I pulled him all around me. His lips teased my neck and it took every ounce of me not to wet my panties on the spot. I failed... completely covered in sweat, in lust, and him. My eyes closed and I melted back against him erasing everyone else from the room. It was the most incredible feeling, I never want to let it go.

... And I won't let it go. Thats why here nearly a month later its still in my mind. That dance, I can still feel it on my body, I can still feel it in my mind. What a perfectly sexy moment. I think I will take it with me whenever I go out, now. How can one moment pull you so hard? How can one moment make you feel so in heat? I'm so happy I got that moment.


  1. I know exactly what you’re talking about girl. I have to agree with you when you said some guys don’t have the balls to ask for a dance that’s so true. I for one find it hard to ask for a dance and would never just turn up behind and girl dancing as that calls for an embarrassing moment me and my buddies call the “Heisman” if you should take a look at the trophy and mimic the action girls take when guys comes up behind them to dance you will get our reasoning.

    But at the end of the day there is nothing like that dance, exchanging body fluids not even realizing that the person is sweating all over you as you’re all in the moment, but before you know it the night is over. Sometimes It happen that you never see that person again, and in your case never got that dance that your yarn for as yet.

  2. It was a memory dear... I had that incredible dance. I gave my number and my heart. But it's complicated. LOL. I may go into it eventually.

    Thanks for the comment! HUGS!

  3. smoldering recollection, my dear!