Sunday, July 12, 2009

Eroticized Water

Ok, so I'm going swimming today. My cousin invited me out on the boat with her and her father. I dove at the opportunity. I absolutely love water. How could I not, I am a water baby after all. I love feeling the cool silky sensation surround every inch of my body. And when it's hot out, truly nothing could be better.

My confusion comes mainly from my past experiences from water. Inching my way down the beach with someone beside me. Lowering those sensative parts in one damn millimeter at a time. Until finally you jump in head first and get it all over with. I am well padded so I float effortlessly. I feel so free in the water. I swim a few strokes and then... then it's on!

I get near him. Crouching down in the water under him as he stands above me is so completely sexy to me. Tip-toeing closesr until I can run my hands up his thighs and I do. Tugging lightly at the elastic band of his suit... staring up at him as he's looking down at me... inches from where we both want me to be... my bobbing breasts grazing his thighs. And the second I have him on his knees at my water level ... my legs wrap around his waist and all four of our hands begin to explore what is unseen due to the murk of the water.

This happens to me so much... this overwhelming sexual desire that comes from being in water and near someone so sexy. I feel a little naughty, afterall, most swimming areas are public and that means children everywhere. But if you can keep it unseen... is there truly a harm here? Each time I think I will be a good girl, but lets be frank here, I won't be. And oh my god, it is so much fun!! Clearly the swimming can't last long at this rate. We're lucky if we can make it home. Might have to just take him in the car seat. ;) Either way clothes will be coming off!

Of course I love skinny-dipping... and I love going out late at night when the beach is deserted and doing everything I wanted to do in the water when there was daylight. But is something wrong with me? How could water make me so overwhelimingly hot? Does water do this to anyone else? Or should I just chalk this up to being a nympho?


  1. you're not alone. the water, the feeling of the water splashing against the skin, heightens the pleasure.

  2. Speaking of water, I need a cold shower now...hahahaha!