Friday, July 17, 2009

Permanent Marker?

I've spent some time considering whether or not to get a tattoo. Mostly it comes up when I meet someone new. We start talking details and it inevitably comes down to, "Do you have any tattoos?"

I don't actually. For a long period of my life I sort of thought they were ugly. I thought tattoos were something dirty and tended to look barbaric. You know, gangsters get tattoos to label themselves part of gang. People in prison or recently out get them to make some sort of life-completing statement of their journey.

I'm sweet and innocent, hmmmm.... well, let's just say for the purposes of this post... and sweet, innocent girls aren't all marked up like that. And even more since I plan to have kids some day. The idea of a distorted figure smearing across my skin as I disfigure to have my child, it just doesn't appeal! Hahaha. So why am I even thinking about it now???

I guess hearing soooo many guys tell me how sexy they are is part of it. Seeing them on guys skin and growing to find a new appreciation of the art and creativity that goes into something like that. To be so empassioned by something in your life you'd want to wear it on the outside of you for the rest of the world to see throughout your entire life. It's powerful!

My original thinking was something to do with fish. I've loved Betta's since I went to college the first time. Their long, beautiful, flowing fins. I had one for nearly 4 years... and he was such a good, attentive fish. He would dance at the site of my finger and flare at me whenever I stared into his tank. I guess I loved the balance of beauty and aggression they hold. So ... then I was thinking where I would want it. For the longest time I wanted it on my lower back. It's so common for girls these days. When my shirt would slide up my back it would be visible. This seemed like a location I could handle.

... Then I heard what it was called. Who the hell wants anything on their body being called a 'tramp stamp'??? I know I sure as hell don't. Since I had put so little thought into it originally, I figured who cares now, I just won't get one.

But the thought kept coming back. I kept thinking about what I would want and where else I could want it. And not too long ago I ended up in the tattoo parlor with my brother. He asked me if I wanted one and I explained my dilemma. He started making suggestions. ... He mentioned getting one on my hip and I thought 'EEK'! Right on the bone would kill!!

So... I thought about getting it a little further in. Like... just below my panty line, just above the V. I think this spot could be totally sexy. And of course it had me thinking... I wouldn't do the same tattoo I would have done on my back, it's a much smaller spot, clearly it would need something smaller. But it would still need to have meaning for me. ... my favorite animal, by far, is the cat ... thinking of the area and meanings ... I decided I wanted a kitten! I totally love the idea... a soft, fuzzy, cute kitten... ready to pounce! :D With big eyes staring up at you!

I think I've fallen for the idea! Maybe someday I will cave and have the permanent ink carved into my skin. Is it really worth it? Is the passion and beauty really all its cracked up to be? Would it have the appeal I want it to have...?

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  1. that kitten is adorable. I don't have a tattoo--I'm way too fickle, but I admire the people with guts enought to get one.