Friday, July 10, 2009

A Sense of...

Do you ever drive down the road completely entranced in the music, connected to the road, free from thought...? What about with someone beside you...? That's the moment I want right now...

The feel of your eyes on me... It's like I was lost in this moment and you found me. You found all of me. Feeling them stare at you... almost loving you. Seeing all the beauty you possess and the potential for the life you cling to. And all the wrong you could ever do... it was never really there. It feels like perfection. Being in that moment not only am I free from every worry, but I feel like crying, because I feel you beside me, I feel found, and I feel loved.

It's like one of those moments you dream about... the fairy tales you see in the movie. All I want is that moment... again. That perfect moment when I finally realize I'm being looked at and look over shyly and smile letting you know just how much I want you too.

You ever have one of those moments? I love those moments... I love that sense of.. you. It can't be taken away.

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