Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hot In Here... Or Just Me?

For the last couple weeks... I have been fighting the urges that had once felt so primal to me. I don't want to make it sound like I'm all the shit, cause God knows there are too many out there that already believe that they are, but I have a waiting list. Or at least figuratively. It's not like I make them take numbers or anything, they just choose to stick around, to wait, and to want. The ones I've fucked before too that beg to be back in my noisy ass bed slamming me and feeling it all once again.

I had been trying to stay sober - so to speak. I was trying to sleep with no one. Trying to be the good girl this society has raised me to be. I just happen to let it all out occasionally and fuck like crazy. But not now. For now I'll wear the mini-skirt and just tease the living-shit out of him!

But honestly, I am feeling so damned weak!! I try to meet them a few times first, mostly. I try to follow the rules. I try not to kiss too much, if at all... cause baby, once the river starts flowing... I can't make it stop! I try to stay out of my apartment, because once the fever begins I do not know how to cool it down and we are headed for the back room!

What happens when I get this insatiable lust and I have no (special) one to quench it? ... well. LOL... there are toys, but it is just not the same. All those men that see the Big Pink vibrator come out of the drawer and their eyes grow as fast as their tents are pitched - they think that means they must not be good enough. They are dead fucking wrong! Big Pink does not have those sexy, manly hands to run up my thighs and over my hips.

So, I can fall down and take care of it on my own... but I'd really prefer not to. If I were with a guy I'd totally do it for him. But I'm not with one. I'm all alone and this heat is killing me. It is a totally raw desire. Everything inside of me seems to be speaking the same language and screaming it! My entire body is overwhelmed and somehow under-touched. Can't fucking imagine how that is possible... but my body sure is preaching it.

Unwilling to step to the back with Big Pink on my own, filled with lust and a ravenous craving to fuck the shit out of some guy, to feel that incredible friction. Do I just pick a number? Do I throw it all to the wind? Forget these fabulous morals I've been trying to train myself to endure? Most of all, where the fuck did this heat come from and when will it pass??? Dear God... I need an ice storm!


  1. Libido is a funny thing isn't it. I know that I can have weeks it (sex that is) seems to be the only thing I think about, where as at other times I can be a little dis-interested.

    I know with women it's tied in with your cycle in some way, but I don't know about men.

  2. We crave for sex especially when you single always seem to be on an all time high. You mentioned that you have a so called list of guys to choose from, but at times even though the pink dildo may not be the best option in your eyes, it might be the safest.

  3. I saw your photo and was unable to retain anything of substance from your post. Very nice breasts though, if you don't mind me saying. :)

  4. Ben you are absolutely corrrect. The cycle does effect it, but I figured I could leave that part out! ;)

    Definitely Mr. Unbreakable, it is the safest - physically. But emotionally, doing that isn't very healthy for me. Not sure why... still working on that part with the therapist!

    Geewhiz Jill! Hehe... thanks though! It's funny I almost didn't use that photo because I thought my breasts looked crappy in it! Haha