Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Make A Wish...

Last night was the best night for one of the biggest meteor showers of the year. I have to admit I don't honestly believe I've seen a shooting star before. I always look up longingly waiting for something to fly across the sky. I look like a little girl with such innocence looking up this macrocosm. It's incredible. It's untouchable. It's infinite. ... and I am in awe.

I remember when I was little always looking at the sky. I would lay in the grass and feel the blades run through my tiny fingers and look at the stars and try to make out constellations. The Big Dipper pointing me to the North Star was always my favorite. Or in the daytime I'd lay on a beach towel or lawn chair and watch the clouds roll by and try to invision them as shapes. Time always seems to be in abundance when you are a kid. You never know it. You never really have the intelligence or the mentality to stop and see what a huge thing you are a part of. You spend your time looking forward to your next birthday and age mile-marker.

So here I am... twenty-four years old... staring out into the Milky Way waiting to see the stars dance across the sky. I leaned backward over my balcony railing arching myself just to see around my roof. I felt like a little kid, standing beside my new best friend - my roommate. We were both eager to see. We were both there arched over the railing peering up into the clear night sky. I felt myself asking question after question much the way a six year old does when they go someplace new and completely foreign to them. What does it look like? How often does it happen? What causes it? Where should I look? Can I see it from the city like this? It was a rapid fire... and she was taking my hits like a pro.

And there it was!! One sharp bright streak blinked so fast in front of my eyes I hardly even knew I saw it and it was gone. I squealed with delight! ... and she got just as excited for my first sight at a shooting star. We stood there longer daydreaming about standing there with guys. Here we are two grown women seeing something so incredible and fulfilling and we still want someone else to share it with. What must that say about me?

... I wish to be laying out in the grass with my head resting on his arm, the smell of him drugging me into sweet intoxication, caressing his skin, feeling the tingles from his fingers stroking my hair, and the goosebumps I get from the cool night air mixing with the warmth of our bodies.

In essence... I am a girl. Wether I am big and grown or little and impressionable. I want to be filled with love and life. I want to giggle and be happy. My wish is that all of my dreams come true... is that too much to ask?


  1. i got a feeling that you're starting to be emotionally involve with some guy (is he the same guy in your previous post?)...hmmm good luck!

    i used to believe in wishing on shooting stars... but now, i'm not counting on it anymore... it failed me one... that's it (i blog about that too)...

    regarding your question, not all wishes should come true. effort will lose its meaning if everybody will get what the want just by wishing... i believe God helps those who help themselves.

  2. Wishing for all of your dreams to come true does seem a bit of a push (well, if you're anything like me, you have a lot of dreams).

    I was laying out in my garden last night, quilt laid out on the grass and watching the sky as well. I don't think it's unusual for that to make you wish there was someone there next you. I was certainly imagining it.

  3. Awww... hugs... thanks Ben! I have lots of dreams too, I know!

    I think there will always be work involved John... I just want it to have a happy ending/outcome.

  4. Thats awesome I want to see one too! =D

  5. That was beautiful. I loved the last paragraph. Gorgeous.

  6. Thanks Nicole and Jill! We can wish right? :P