Sunday, September 20, 2009

Love The Gym?

I've recently found such a huge passion for going to my gym. When I first started going to the gym I thought it was crappy. I never got the energy. It was a challenge to get my ass up, dressed, out the door. It was all about motivation and wanting to be there, and the truth was I didn't want to be there. But I've found a reason to be there.

Part of my huge desire to go has to do with the 45 lbs I've lost. It feels incredible. I love knowing that I can run nearly three miles with ease. I love the compliments and people constantly asking, "are you losing weight". But even losing the weight doesn't make going to the gym fun...

I think I love it because when I'm there... I use the eliptical directly behind the weight area. I can run and stare at hot guys with sweat dripping and delicious muscles bulging. Mmmmmph... jesus! It's astonishing I don't hurl myself off the machine. Then when I'm lifting weights I get to walk near them... wiggle playfully. It feels like a sexy, hot game of cat and mouse. And the looks I get back are just as playful. But with headsets in, no one ever really talks. We all just look, we smile, we wiggle, and I giggle.

Even better is walking into the gym and the incredibly gorgeous guy working the counter. The more I see him and his adorable smile, talk with him, and tease him lightly... the more I want to jump over the counter and rip his clothes off starting with that baseball cap hiding his uber-sexy man hair!! He makes me feel like a starving lioness and his shy, dimpled, boyish grin totally makes me wet my panties! In my gym fantasy I always imagined myself with a fellow gym-goer in the tanning room slamming against the walls and down onto the bench, but he has me second-guessing my fantasy... wishing I could have him instead. So I flirt... and love every second of it.

So I go... almost everyday. I surely hate Mondays, but his ass is hot enough to get me there anyday! Can I really love going to the gym? ... I'll take whatever motivation I can get to get me there, for now.


  1. Hey, it's totally fine, I mean whatever it takes to get us to the gym, right? And 45 lbs? That's absolutely AMAZING! Looking at my workout log for the last few weeks, I think I need to be taking lessons from YOU!

  2. 45 pounds? Jesus Christ. If I lost that, I'd be dead. But then again, for a 6 foot tall guy, I'm already 40 pounds underweight.

    Pass me a Twinkie.

  3. Dam thats good whats your goal> whatever the motivation is once it get you to your goal keep doing it.

  4. Hehe. My goal is to weigh aproximately 150 give or take 10. Cause I am a curvy girl and I want to stay semi-padded. ;)

  5. lol ripping his baseball cap off??his shirt off??yeah actually my motivation also comes from going to the gym to watch all the hot girls hehe giggling and wiggling??hehe.ohh great that you lost so much weight congrats i admire those people who got the desire to stay fit including other desires!!hehe you got one kikass fantasy!!keep writing and keep gyming!!