Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Super Power??

A friend of mine asked me to join a fun little movement... Synchroblogging. The main idea here is several people doing a blog on the same theme. The blog theme this time is which super power you would have if you could have one.

I think if I had to choose a super power I'd want to know when people are lying. I know this wasn't an option, really, but it is what would be most beneficial to me and the people I love. So if I can't have super human strength to go along with the super power, I'll just take being a human lie-detector.

I thought, of course, of possibly seeing through things. That is such a tempting super power for me. I love looking at men and women honestly. But I would hate manipulating anything in such a fashion. Let alone the privacy violation. I've known too much of this myself to put anyone else through it.

I thought of something super human like flying or shape shifting, but if I can't fight evil... it all just seems useless. I definitely would want to help people and who better to help than the people I love. To protect them from harm and pain. To keep anyone around them from abusing their way too quick-to-trust natures.

That just seems like the most appropriate power for me.

Hugs Kelvin! Check out his blog if you want to see more Synchroblogging.


  1. aha... i thought you're going to pick powers of seduction...hehe

  2. I love this idea of 'synchroblog'!

    I would pick, as super power, invisibility - not to violate others' privacy but to just disappear when I want to. A loner at heart it'd be the perfect getaway for me. :)

  3. "Let alone the privacy violation"
    Thanks for worrying about the privacy violation... it's a constitutional right found in the penumbra's of the First Amendment, you know. Anyway, loved this line... it spoke to the attorney in me.

  4. i adore the part of you that cannot settle on super powers due to moral reasons. Maybe morality IS your super power?

    count me in on the next microblog!