Thursday, October 22, 2009


Ok... so obviously I suck lately! And we're not talking blowjobs! I have been seriously slacking off on writing. Shame on me! Writing is so important to me. So in all things I do... I should continue to write. Things, ideas, blog-spiration comes to me... but I never seem to find the time to write.

So we'll just call this a bad spot in my writing journey. But I just wanted to let you all know and remind myself... blogging is super important to me and it has not left me. I will find time by the end of this week to write! I promise!

I have been incredibly swamped at work, not that that is an excuse... but when I get home I am already torn between whether to sleep, relax, catch up on my DVR'ed tv shows, clean my apartment, get the halloween costume and details all set, work out, eat, be a friend, or just feed whatever addiction I find myself facing at night. In most instances... I just want to escape the computer! I'm trying to figure out where it all fits in.

In any regard... by the end of the week there will be a blog or two... maybe even three if I feel so inspired! I'm missing my blogging world and 20sb-chat friends... In my realm you will not be what I forfeit!


  1. Yeah! Come back to the blogging world! I haven't seen you online in aaaaages! :)

  2. I thought you got lost!! JK! We all get busy, have to find that spare time to blog. Don't worry, I struggle to find time to write and read other people's blog. Especially with school/work it's insane!!

  3. I love reading your posts so even if you don't do it as regularly as before don't give up...Promise?!

  4. Awww... thanks ya'll!!

    That really means a lot to me. I definitely can't give it up now. I thought about going back to school to do something with writing, but there are so many incredible writers out there. I don't want to be just another fish... I want to be the biggest and best! LOL... surely not happening. But again, thank you all for the support!

  5. Yeah. I'm waiting for the new ish to drop! So I can most definitely read it.

  6. You haven't been the only one slacking darling. Don't feel bad.

  7. yup i thought you left 20sb and traveled somewhere far into the Sahara deserts in search for true love or something lol!!yup keep writing take out the time to write something gives you that mental peace at the end of the day!!
    "come backk ohhh amanda,
    come back in our world,
    without you it feels so wiggly,
    when we are all aloneeee,
    garnet and sparky call you,
    and cry all the timeeee,
    then they go and do ballad,
    and nothing else rhymesss!!!"lolz keep writing!!

  8. LMAO... thanks Heavealie! LOL - I love the poem.