Thursday, November 19, 2009

Front Seat Driving...

In 99.9% of all of my sexual activities... I am not the aggressor. I am such a happy follower. You want your cock in my mouth... I'll put your cock in my mouth. You want me on top... baby, I'm on top. But when a guy is shy, it just can't work this way. I become like a hungry lionness starving for a kill.

So after three grueling months of watching this incredibly hot guy watch me at the gym, I had to do something. He'd look and I'd look... we'd catch eachother looking and smile and look somemore or look away shyly. No matter how you shook it... we both wanted it! So I made a move. Time after time I would come out of the tanning room and he'd be standing just outside the door... covered in sweat... with those dark, deep eyes. Fuck this... I stuck my hand out and introduced myself. I couldn't take it anymore. The shy smiles and stolen glances... I wanted my hands all over that slippery body.

I don't navigate the dating world well... not the real one, at least. I'm a fucking pro (semi-literally) when it comes to the online dating arena. But this was real. For a couple more weeks we exchanged just a couple flirtatious words and left it at that. He went back to lifting and I went home, smiling. Finally we chatted about halloween. I told him what I was and showed him a picture from my phone. As I closed my phone he offered his number. I giggled, fucking of course I wanted it and took it happily. I see him at the gym and now our stolen glances involve smirks and we snicker as his gym partner tries to set us up, unknowingly.

We've met a few times since. And it has been nothing short of our interludes at the gym. We both end up sweaty and exhausted. But this boy still does not make the first moves. He totally wants it... but he is just not a front seat driver.

He stood by me at the side of his couch, "I'm gonna jump in the shower now". I bit my lower lip and traced my finger tips along the inside of the elastic of his gym shorts. I looked up at him and said okay... he instantly changed his mind. "Well maybe I can wait a bit". I can't help but want to rip his clothes off. His chest is so completely addicting! Shit, I thought tits looked good... but they don't got anything on how incredibe his body looks and feels!

I'm trying to take the driver's seat and get him to open up with me. God knows the boy gets involved when he has me on my hands and knees in his bed. So why doesn't he make the moves? I don't know that I'm prepared to be in the front seat all the time! Hopefully it is his age and the more he is with me, the more he grows to love taking control with me. Besides, I don't bite...

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