Monday, January 25, 2010

Heart's Real View...

That's it... I've found it! I've found the one! I've found the man that makes me walk down the aisles at the local grocery store with a shit-eating grin spread wide across my face for seemingly no reason at all. The man that makes me walk like I've been inspired by something so glorious I could probably never frown again. But... I really hope you know I've never eaten a bit of shit in all my life and goodness knows there will be days when I frown. But now I know I will never go another day without a smile ... as long as he is by my side!

Normally, I would sit around and wonder what is next. I would be waiting for the next big life moment. I would still be waiting for everything I ever dreamed of to flood into my life and make me feel complete. But I don't need to wait anymore. I now have exactly what I've been waiting for my whole life. I feel complete!

He stuns me with the most gorgeous blue eyes and sweet smile. He astonishes me with an incredible kindness I had never seen before. He prides himself on making me feel like the most beautiful prize that could ever be won. He takes care of me, my feelings, my body, and my mind. He respects me more than any man has ever before. How could anyone ask to feel more loved than this? They couldn't... and I won't.

He pulls me into his arms and traces me with love. His body warms me and fits me so perfectly, you'd think he was my glove. He is my perfect match. He is my soul mate. He talks to me and opens his heart to me completely. I cherish his voice. He gets scared to speak and I want to pull it out of him. I want to know his thoughts just as he asks to know all of mine. We speak with noses touching, perfectly enmeshed in eachother. He holds me even when I pull away. He stays with me and loves me with and despite my flaws.

This love is effortless. This love is thoughtful. This love is pure. This love is healthy. I see myself with him for years to come. I don't need to race to those years because right now, by his side... I have everything I could ever need. I no longer feel an emptiness or longing. I am fulfilled. He gives me light in a time of seeming darkness. We find light in one another. This is where I want to be tomorrow and the day after; this is where I want to be next year and twenty years from now. He makes me want to be a better woman... stronger, more patient, more loving, and genuine through and through.

I love it... I love that I have found my soul mate. Everything has colided into this beautiful collage of a life. We fit together... perfectly! A match made in heaven and meant for cloud nine!

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