Thursday, June 17, 2010

Want This?

I find myself trying to entice him, to lure him, to intrigue him, and to captivate him. I want him and I want him all to myself. I have become so greedy and determined to keep him, always.

I lay there in the dimly lit room... in my black and pink, pin-stripped babydoll... his favorite. Waiting to hear him walk in the door... I try to keep myself busy. Having just replaced the batteries my best vibrator is humming against my thigh. I try to imagine his reaction. I try to think of what he might say when he sees me.

He's always said he wants to catch me... playing by mself. As we are all well aware, since I've mentioned before... I'm not much of a player on my own. It's rather unliekly he will catch me, unless I actually want to be caught. ... this time I do.

I lay there running my legs over the expensive and ultra-soft, cotton sheets. The smooth fabric awakens my body. It is this touch, any touch that sends me reeling. I run my hands up my soft white thighs. I love feeling hands there... touching me, inching closer, not quite there. ... Makes me close my eyes and let go. My hands crawl farther and I pull the panty portion of the outfit to the side.

I want him beside me. I want him pressed against me. I want him inside of me. I dream of what he would see. I wonder about his thoughts of seeing me. If this is how he thought it might go. I continue to play... my legs spread and my fingers teasing. Within minutes the teasing has led to a silky, wet mess dribbling down over my ass.

I hear the door. Oh my god... this is that moment. I lay there completely aroused... and nervous. I'm waiting... and trying to remember to let him catch me. I try to play... but all I can manage is circles around my lips. I've never been caught before. The idea of it is complicated and exciting.

I keep my hand pressed to my moist lips and watch the door. He slowly opens the door letting in only a smidgen of light. My hand freezes. The room is still shadowy and dim. He looks at me and ... I can't even hear what he is saying. I watch his eyes. I watch his eyes watch me. I'm looking for some reaction, something to tell me it's alright, something to tell me he wants me and this is exactly what he wanted to come home to.

He walks back out of the room...

I freeze. I try to hold back tears and a hundred fears washing over me. Did he just tell me he didn't want me? I analyze. I get up and get dressed? I close the door and cry my eyes out? I wait for him to come back, maybe he just needed to put something down? Did he not see?? The fear is paralyzing, so I stay and wait.

He comes back and lays down beside me. I'm so happy to have him there with me. I find the strength to start moving my fingers again. I look at him, begging for some reaction, something to tell me it's okay. Please give me something...

He asks, "so you have your suit on already, huh?". I think he is talking about my sexy outfit... and say, "mmhmmmmm". He asks something about taking a nap... and I realize... he can't see a goddamn thing. I vehemently request that he turn the light on. He hits the light and begins to notice. His beautiful blue eyes get bigger and brighter.

Mmmmm... that's what I wanted. He grins at me and reaches down to put his hand over mine. He feels all the slippery warmth... he touches me more and watches me touch myself more. He wants to see me do it myself. Scared I won't get another orgasm, I softly protest. I ask for him... for his body... for him to make love to me. He refuses to give me what I want until I cum. Slick little devil...

I cum... loud and explosive.

I'm scared the next one won't be as good. But he now gives me just what I wanted. His soft, warm skin all over me. It is delicious perfection. It is not just as good or just as explosive... because it is better and so much hotter! I feel him explode inside me and I claw at his back completely overwhelmed with the amazing orgasm I'm having! I hear him enjoying it just as much.

Oh my god... this is exactly what I wanted. So glad he wanted this, too!! He lays down beside me and I cherish him and pet him. He is perfect for me!

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