Sunday, June 4, 2017

Just the Beginning...

Wifey#1 has inspired me to join forces with her and start blogging. I have read blogs in the past and never really found any that caught my attention or intrigued me enough to want to keep reading. What we are trying to do, is to be that blog that you want more of and that you constantly feel the urge to check to see what is next or what is going on in the lives of the confused lesbian lovers.

You might be asking yourself who is “Wifey#2” what happened to the woman who started this blog back in 2009 talking about her need to find “him” and her need to feel loved and wanted and her journey to get there through hurt, pain, abuse, sexual addiction, and loss of control. What happened to her “soulmate” of 6 plus years… how did all of these posts of the past take a turn and now she is living the life of Wifey#1?

Guess you will have to read our blog and posts to learn and find out more. But to start if you recall back to the entry of Friday October 16th, 2015 Stay or Go…  she speaks of hurting others and how he would come back for her and draw her in over and over again and I just happen to be number 4. The woman she wildly fell in love with, her first woman encounter. She talks of how she doesn’t know if it’s possible to love a woman, she talks of our intense connection. 

But she chooses him yet again! So… are you intrigued yet? Do you want to know more? Well get reading, because you definitely have some catching up to do on the Wifey#1 side. Meanwhile, I will be starting to post a little background on myself and the story of who I am. Enjoy!


Saturday, June 3, 2017

Welcome Back..?

Welcome back my blog-reading friends. It’s been far too long since I’ve made a confession or shared my life of confusion with you.  As you can see, I’ve had a bit of a makeover.  I’ve made my blog into a whole new place, with the same frantic and confused writing as before.  My life has evolved in crazy ways.  I’d love to update you on all of the insanity I’ve felt and experienced since my last post in July 2016… but I’m sure it’ll all trickle out over time… and we all love suspense, right?

One of the biggest changes you will see is the addition of a second blogger, my beautiful, funny, exhilarating, intelligent, romantic and fucking amazing partner for life… Wifey#2.

Wait what...???

Yes, that’s right… not only have I changed up my blog, I’ve made some big life changes too!!  The woman of my dreams… is now my reality!  With her own voice, her own viewpoints, her own set of irritations and irrationalities, and most definitely her own bitchy ways… she is joining forces with me!

We will take turns pouring our hearts out to you, our readers. I’m fairly certain life is a shit-fest, and fairly certain it will stay that way… but I have the most amazing creature to share it with, and now I will be sharing that with you.

Love her, embrace her, and appreciate her… even on my shittest days, when I’m not giving her everything she deserves. But just keep in mind… she’s fucking mine!!

My posts will now be labeled as Wifey#1… And my beautiful girl will post as Wifey#2.

Yours truly - Wifey#1